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Our charter was spectacular!

We had a wonderful time. The Boat was beautiful and spacious. Cam and Jada were excellent! They are such nice people. Cam is a great captain. he managed to schedule our trip around bad weather sneeking up on us. Jada is a marvelous cook. Every meal was expertly and deliciously prepared and served. Both of them are super nice. We had a great time playing cards at night with them and the kids. We hope they can visit us in Guatemala sometime.




It is always much fun to have an energetic crew that loves what they do and are passionate about creating the right experience for their clients. Jada and Cam are just that. 

Boat is great as it is really brand new. There are 3 large social spaces on board and outside. It is hard finding a boat with 3 great and different places to be!!! We loved the fly bridge experience in the afternoon and being forward when sailing. Music, wifi, everything was great. 

The boat was well decorated and you can tell owners and crew REALLY pay much attention to every detail… hard to find such committed passion to having a great experience. Towels, pillows, things like own water bottles are things that you can tell has been generously appointed and makes for a great luxury experience. Being able to sail and  teach the children was much fun…Additionally, boat is filled with water toys and activities. 

I would DEFINITELY charter this boat again… and will Definitely charter wherever Cam and Jada are as well!!! Great start to Dream Caribbean Blue!!!! We have and will have the best memories of our week on Belle Vie.



Cameron and Jada made our trip MEMORABLE from the first contact via WhatsApp until the end at the farewell at Staniel Cay.

Everyday was marvelous in the sense of the landscape as well as the food. Jada has a special charm and gift for the kitchen. She spoiled us from breakfast to dinner. Outstanding SURPRISE menu adapted to all preferences, we were pescatarians, vegetarians, and omnivores so all the shades on dietary matters. She even made a cake to celebrate our birthdays. Thanks Jada.

Cameron's confidence as a captain was well executed. We felt at ease during our navigation, also he was very perceptive on the preferences for everyone, so he was attentive to our wishes regardless if it was to explore, fish, dive, or relax.

The catamaran was impeccable, our rooms were refreshed everyday in a nice way. Of course being in the Exumas ensured amazing scenery, but beyond that, Jada and Cameron were always adding more by showing us if a dolphin, turtle, fish, shark or pigs were within sight, accompanied by a lovely cocktail created by one of them.

Definitely JADA AND CAMERON were the keynote to make this trip UNFORGETTABLE!!!





Wow, just wow! Cameron & Jada are top notch in every way. Between organizing rendezvous diving at two locations, figuring out the best scuba & snorkel options along the route, we just can't thank them enough. We may be the luckiest guests ever! Eagle rays, bull sharks, black tip, etc.! Turtles, turtles & turtles! Superb mixed drinks each night with delicious food cooked by Jada. Petting nurse sharks, visiting grotto’s, surf and wake boarding, mangroves full of turtles hiding from the sharks. Learning to sail and spear fish hunting was another highlight. We would follow and charter with Cameron & Jada around the world! Can’t thank them enough.

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