The Caribbean offers a kaleidoscope of aquamarine waters, sun-soaked harbors, and white-sand beaches. Unique ports scatter along dozens of pristine islands, making this beautiful destination anything but typical.


Throw away your to-do list and leave your day to chance. Find a coral reef, search for turtles or go inland for shops and restaurants. At every turn your senses will be filled with spectacular scenery emanating from both the natural environment, as well as the famous island atmosphere. From water to the shore, and winding road to the hilltop view, you are sure to find more than one reason to return. 


Guests can expect beautiful blue waters that flow into shaded bays and beaches. Our experienced crew will assure that every detail is attended to, from beginning to end; and those new to the yacht charter will find the Caribbean seas a perfect place to relax, have fun, and acquire experiences offered nowhere else.


The Bahamas is comprised of 700 unique islands sprinkled over 100,000 square miles of ocean. The archipelago is an ecological oasis, boasting clear waters, the largest colony of pink flamingos and numerous nature preserves protecting the endangered Bahama Parrot and several species of endangered iguanas. 


Each island offers its own unique opportunities for adventure, from diving the sunken Spanish Galleons to visiting the swimming pigs in the Exumas. You can fish or explore local culture and ecotourism, walk secluded beaches or snorkel protected reefs and lagoons. Bird watch, explore natural caves, the world's deepest blue hole or visit the third-largest fringing barrier reef.

The Bahamas offers something for everyone and more than enough to keep you coming back.


The British Virgin Islands are an unspoiled volcanic archipelago, where each island holds true to its unique character. There is culture and history on the four largest islands, and pristine natural wonder abound on the more than 50 smaller islands. Wherever your sail takes you, there is something worth exploring.

The islands do offer the some of the best sailing in the world, and whether you are wading through the inviting turquoise waters, taking in the views high above the sea on a day hike, visiting The Baths, or fly fishing on Anegada, the BVI embodies the essence and charm for the adventurous, the curious, the soul seeking, the relaxation bound or those families on flight to try something new. 


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an archipelago of islands, Saint Vincent being the largest, with the smaller Grenadines comprising of seven smaller islands and a number of small islets. 

Saint Vincent has coastlines to explore, villages with a local flair that are worth a visit, waterfalls, mountains and an incredibly fertile forest inland offering hiking with unforgettable scenery, spectacular old forts and lush gardens that are minus the crowds.


The Grenadines are best explored under sail and are known for yacht-filled harbors and sailing spots like the reef-lined island of Bequia, that boasts a secluded beach and a turtle sanctuary. Or venture down to Tobago Cays, uninhabited and protected as a marine park. It is surrounded by an impressive barrier reef, and offers some of the best snorkeling in all of the Caribbean with its warm, shallow waters.

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